Journalist Should Practise What They’ve Preached

30 Aug

You remember the time when mom used to tell not to talk on the phone while ironing clothes lest you make a mistake and burn yourself. And then one day she forgot to practice what she was preaching and… Well a funny situation like this has occurred in the business world too.

Journalists have been warning their readers against the hazard of not taking backups of computer files. So much so that in article published by them. However, they ‘likened backups to flossing – everyone knows it’s important, but few devote enough thought or energy to it. And one fine day, the magazine’s editorial system crashed, nullifying the work done for the latest issue. The backup server failed to back up. The page layouts had to be totally redone from scratch.

Or, when journalists have been warning their readers not to keep all eggs on one basket. As a business magazine readers, you might understand what I meant. But, yes, journalists do not have enough.. ummhh.. money to invest. Some of Indonesian journalists still underpaid. So it would be quite difficult for such a financial journalist to do what they wrote, such as buy 24K gold, blue chips shares, bonds etc.

Sometimes, it seems ridiculous when we’re writing about a trillion rupiah business deal or income, however we’ve never kept 0,01% of it. The best thing we can do is imaging that we’re as rich as those businessman haha..

Believe me, journalists are not a liar. We just write what to be written. We just do our daily business 🙂

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Posted by on August 30, 2010 in Random Thought


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