A Poverty Parade

03 Sep

Take Zakat [alms] from their wealth in order to purify them and sanctify them with it and invoke Allah for them. (Q.S At-Taubah: 103)

Couple days ago, a sad – and embarrassing – news appeared on the TV screen. Again. And again. A crowds rushed to receive a zakat (obligatory alms) from a local muzakki (philanthropist).

Zakat is the cornerstone of Islamic economic system, and paying it creates safety and solidarity in the Muslim community. But, I think, it would be better if the rich donate part of their fortune to organization or mosque, or whoever required under Islamic teaching, which have capability to distribute it into the poor. I believe the organization have better database (though the fact that the government don’t have the exact number of the poor).

But, If the muzakkis wants to give it directly to the poor, just in case he doesn’t believe such organization, why don’t they come to the fakir’s (poor people who receive the zakat) home? So, the poor no need to loose their pride. Who will be proud to be known as the Poor?

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