Real Journalists Don’t Clap

16 Oct

kamera dan kartu pers

I have found that it is getting incredibly difficult to find unbiased reporting. Well, to be honest covering news for a living can be hard because you will undoubtedly like or dislike the situations, companies, teams, businessmen/women, artists, athletes, or such politicians. It is human nature.

For sports reporters at a game, the rule is “no cheering in the press box”. For political reporters on Election Night, same thing. And that goes for business reporters at big product launch too. In the context of journalism, objectivity may be understood as synonymous with neutrality. This must be distinguished from the goal of objectivity in philosophy, which would describe mind-independent facts which are true irrespective of human feelings, beliefs, or judgments.

Journalist must acknowledge, humbly and publicly, that what they do is far more subjective and far less detached than the aura of “objectivity” implies. This will not end the charges of bias, but will allow journalists to defend what they do from a more realistic, less hypocritical position. Journalist must also need to be freed to identify, explain, and make judgement about what readers and viewers need to know to understand what is happening.

However, many professionals believe that true objectivity in journalism is not possible. Reporters must seek balance in their stories (giving all sides their respective points of view), which fosters fairness. And they work for corporations whose their first duty is to make money and their second duty is “to lie conveniently”.


“You can’t do clear observation if you ain’t in the field. You can’t be a pure observer if you’re now in the field.” (Toba Beta, Betelgeuse Incident)

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